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Mindfuckery for Femmes

Natasha Strange
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Bondage and impact play are fun and all, but have you ever really fucked with someone's mind? Mindfuckery is the (not so) simple act of setting expectations, and purposely missing them. It's smoke and mirrors. It's subtle. It's outrageous.

It's anything the Top wants it to be.

Mindfuckery is not about edge play, but it can be. It's not about a huge Mission Impossible style capers, but it can be. It's about leaving your submissive second-guessing themselves while trusting you.

In this class we will discuss:

Growing up femme and society's expectations

Negotiating for a mindfuck

Why the brain LOVES a good mindfuck

Planning a mindfuck

What to do when things go sideways

Tools of the mindfuck

Mindfuck aftercare

This class is sliding scale with the suggested price of $40. Less if things are tight, more if you are feeling flush. This is an information-heavy class, not the salon-style conversation I typically host. This class is designed for femmes and thems who have been socialized female.

About your instructor: Princessa Natasha Strange

When I first started working as a professional dominatrix, my specialty was roleplay. I adored getting so lost in my role that occasionally I would freak out my submissive who would worry that it was no longer "just a game."

I took that to be the highest of compliments.

Over the years my interests have changed and evolved, but the need to take someone so far out of their real-world that they question reality for a moment has never left me. A friend recently called me The First Lady of Mindfucks and I have to say, it's a title I'll wear with pride. I hope it comes with a sash and a tiara.

PLEASE NOTE: The video starts out slightly pixelated but is fine after the first five minutes.

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Mindfuckery for Femmes

3 ratings
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