Lock It Up! A conversation about chastity and orgasm control

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Chastity and orgasm control can be a fun way to increase desire and devotion in willing bottoms, and Princessa has been interested in this type of control for most of her nearly 30 year career.

In this class you will learn;

  • why someone would want to be in chastity,
  • why someone would want to put someone else in chastity,
  • the mental changes that occur when one loses the ability to self-sooth through release,
  • examples of cages for penises, and a few options for vulva,
  • how to keep things clean,
  • key management and options,
  • and finally, we will dispel the myth that prostates need regular release to stay healthy

This discussion will cover short term chastity, long term chastity, as well as fun stroke games to to play during genital wellness checks.

Both key holders as well as those wishing to be in chastity are welcome to this event.

This is a recording of an online class.

Oxy-shop sent toys for demo as well as a give away at the end of the class.

The rainbow cage in the event photo is a Rainbow Steel Guardian.

About Princessa Natasha Strange

Princessa Natasha Strange is a professional dominant, dungeon owner, BDSM educator, published author, an aspiring cult leader, and a wicked minx with nearly 30 years experience in the world of kink and BDSM. As an educator, she excels at creating approachable spaces for people to explore scary, intimidating things through the use of puns and laughter. Her book, Kink for the Curious, is a whimsical activity book with puzzles and color pages, as well as solid information about kink and BDSM. As a dominant, she feeds on nervous energy and enjoys escaping with her playthings into their darkest fantasies.

She delights in all things Disney, small dogs in pajamas, and transforming dude-bros into her sissified playthings.

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Lock It Up! A conversation about chastity and orgasm control

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